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Dr Jonathan D. Shephard

Tel: 0131 451 4343


Room: EM G.14




Currently Associate Professor – Reader in the Institute of Photonics and Quantum Sciences, School of Engineering and Physical Sciences. Dr Shephard’s research (Applied Optics and Photonics) is targeted at number of areas: Integration of high power lasers and optical fibre technology into advanced manufacturing processes (including robotic systems); Novel infrared transmitting optical fibres and; Medical laser applications (e.g. cancer surgery, eye surgery, orthopaedic surgery, dentistry). He focuses on developing multidisciplinary links with academic and industrial partners and medical end users such as surgeons.

Dr Shephard received the BA degree in Engineering at St Johns College, Cambridge University in 1994 and then joined Pilkington Plc (1994-1995) working within R&D. He then returned to study within the Department of Engineering Materials, University of Sheffield and was awarded an MSc (Eng) with Distinction in 1996. He subsequently remained at the University of Sheffield where he worked on developing novel mid-IR transmitting optical fibres and waveguides. He obtained his PhD in 2000 for his work on “Surface modification of IR transmitting glasses for integrated optics” and continued to work in the area of novel mid-infrared fibres and optical materials. In 2003 he joined the Applied Optics and Photonics Group at Heriot-Watt University, working on the development of novel micro-structured (Photonic Crystal) fibres, and became a Lecturer (2007) and Reader (2014) within the School of Engineering and Physical Sciences.

Selected Publications

Ta, V D; Carter, R M; Esenturk, E; Connaughton, C; Wasley, T J; Li, J; Kay, R W; Stringer, J; Smith, P J; Shephard, J D, ‘Dynamically controlled deposition of colloidal nanoparticle suspension in evaporating drops using laser radiation.’ Soft matter Volume:12 Issue:20 Pages:4530-6 (2016)  

Ta, VD; Dunn, A; Wasley, TJ; Li, J; Kay, RW; Stringer, J; Smith, PJ ; Esenturk, E; Connaughton, C; Shephard, JD, ‘Laser textured superhydrophobic surfaces and their applications for homogeneous spot deposition.’ APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE Volume: 365 Pages: 153-159 (2016)

Ta, VD; Dunn, A; Wasley, TJ; Li, J; Kay, RW; Stringer, J; Smith, PJ ; Esenturk, E; Connaughton, C; Shephard, JD, ‘Nanosecond laser textured superhydrophobic metallic surfaces and their chemical sensing applications’ APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE Volume: 357 Pages: 248-254 Part: A (2015)

Myles, DTE; Ziyenge, M ; Shephard, JD; Milne, DC, ‘Scanned Mask Imaging Solid State Laser Tool for Cost Effective Flip Chip - Chip Scale Package Manufacture’. JOURNAL OF LASER MICRO NANOENGINEERING Volume: 10 Issue: 1 Pages: 106-109 (2015)

Crozier, ML; Brunton, A; Henley, SJ; Shephard, JD; Abbas, A; Bowers, JW; Kaminski, PM; Walls, JM,’ Inkjet and laser hybrid processing for series interconnection of thin film photovoltaics’ MATERIALS RESEARCH INNOVATIONS Volume: 18 Issue: 7 Pages: 509-514 (2014)

Urich A, Maier RRJ, Yu F, Knight JC, Hand DP, Shephard JD, ‘Flexible delivery of Er:YAG radiation at 2.94 µm with negative curvature silica glass fibers: a new solution for minimally invasive surgical procedures’, Biomedical Optics Express. 4, 2, p. 193-205, 13 p. (2013)

Urich A, Maier RRJ., Mangan BJ, S. Renshaw S, Knight JC, Hand DP, Shephard JD, ‘Delivery of high energy Er:YAG pulsed laser light at 2.94µm through a silica hollow core photonic crystal fibre’, Optics Express. 20, 6, p. 6677-6684. 8 p. (2012)

Mateusz M, Parry JP, Crowder JG, Jones N, Jonas K, Weston N, Hand DP, Shephard JD, ‘Development of Optical Techniques for Noncontact Inspection of Y-TZP Parts’, Int. J. Appl. Ceram. Technol., 8 [1] 140-151 (2011)

Parry JP, Shephard JD, Hand DP, Moorhouse C, Jones N, Weston N, ‘Laser Micromachining of Zirconia (Y-TZP) Ceramics in the Picosecond Regime and the Impact on Material Strength’ Int. J. Appl. Ceram. Technol., 8 [1] 163-171 (2011)

Beck RJ, Parry JP, MacPherson WN, Waddie A, Weston NJ, Shephard JD, Hand DP, ‘Application of cooled spatial light modulator for high power nanosecond laser micromachining’, Opt. Express 18 (16) 7139-7144 (2010)

Wang X, Shephard JD, Dear FC, Hand DP, “Optimised nanosecond pulsed laser micro-machining of Y-TZP ceramics”, J. Am. Ceram. Soc., 91 [2] 391–397 (2008)

Shephard JD, Roberts PJR, Jones JDC, Knight JK and Hand DP, ‘Measuring the beam quality of hollow core photonic crystal fibres’, J. Lightwave Technology 24 (10) (2006) 3761- 3769

Shephard JD, MacPherson WN, Maier RRJ, Jones JDC, Hand DP, Mohebbi M, George AK, Roberts PJ and Knight JC, ‘Single-mode mid-IR guidance in a hollow-core photonic crystal fiber’, Opt. Express 13, (2005) 7139-7144

Shephard JD, Jones JDC, Knight JC, Russell P St J and Hand DP, ‘An improved PBG fiber design for delivery of nanosecond pulses in laser micro-machining applications’, Applied Optics, 44 (21) (2005) 4582-4588

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Furniss D, Shephard JD, Seddon AB, ‘A novel approach for drawing optical fibers from disparate core/clad glasses’, J. Non-Cryst. Solids, 213 (1997) 141-146


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