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Jonathan Morton

Tel: 0131 451 3051


Room: EMB G.25

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Jonathan graduated from the University of St Andrews in 2011 with an MSci first class honours in Chemistry and Physics, with his final year project focusing on the development of “A Diagnostic Algorithm for the Diagnosis of Bladder Cancer Using Raman Spectroscopy”. He then completed his PhD thesis in 2015 at Heriot-Watt University (HWU) on “2D Photonic Crystals to Enhance Up-conversion Efficiency for Photovoltaics”. Jonathan has since worked as a research assistant at HWU to develop and run a school outreach project on microfluidic engineering (“Small Plumbing” - Royal Academy of Engineering), before taking up his role as a research associate working on fibre strain sensing within the applied optics and photonics group. In addition to his research in optics, Jonathan enjoys developing science outreach projects for school children: most recently receiving funding and creating the experiments for the Royal Society of Chemistry “Bright Lights: Big Experiments” project, showcased by pupils from 12 local schools at the Scottish International Year of Light closing ceremony (HWU) and online .











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