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Prveen Bidare

Tel: 0131 451 4166


Room: EMB




Prveen Bidare is a PhD student at the Heriot-watt University in Applied Optics and Photonics Research Group. His main area of research is “Optical diagnostic of additive manufacturing” with an emphasis on powder bed laser processes (SLM, DMLM). Currently, he is working on “In-situ monitoring of selective laser melting process using flash-x-rays”. Prior to joining PhD he worked as a manufacturing technologist in Advanced Technology Organization (ATO) of General Electric company., where he worked on virtual assembly simulation and optimization in direct metal laser melting. He also worked as a Manufacturing Engineer in High Voltage Products Division of Siemens AG for around for 2 years


Prveen Bidare obtained a M.Tech. degree (Master of Technology) in Manufacturing Engineering with major in additive manufacturing from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India, in 2011. His hobbies are playing football, cricket and listening classical music.





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