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In-Situ Material and Environmental Monitoring Development Programme

Richard Carter, Euan Rigg, Peter Harrison, Robert Maier, Bill MacPherson, Jim Barton



All-optical sensing is particularly appropriate for monitoring a range of physical parameters in difficult environments. Optical fibres enable us to do this where it would not be practical to use conventional optics. Measurement by light delivered in optical fibres provides important benefits:

  • Intrinsic safety

  • E/M noise immunity

  • Long distance sensing capabilities

In the current phase of this programme, we are focusing on the use of fibre Bragg gratings as sensing elements in a multi-parameter network. Environmental measurands such as temperature or pressure acting on mechanical transducer elements can generate a proportional strain, detectable by a fibre Bragg grating wavelength shift. We are evaluating fibre grating mounting systems, transducer designs and interrogation techniques against the constraints and requirements of the application.



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